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The team

PalawanProperty.com Corporation is a registered company with the SEC Philippines. Behind the corporation stands many individuals who are dedicated to providing our world wide audience with the best property opportunities.    

Whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner we have a deal for you because we really care for you. Our properties are backed with a 1st of its kind money back guarantee here in the Philippines.  

We have a physical presence here in Palawan for over 20 years helping the local Filipino sell their lands.  From Islands to beaches to farms and homes we have secured the deal and made buying real estate here in Palawan safe and lowered the risk for new investors and property developers who are looking to relocate and build here in palawan.  

PalawanProperty.com Corporation is also a  property management company which allows you to own and maintain your land even when you are not here by coordinating with you or your representative.

Unlike many other real estate companies who confine you to a handful of properties they have no real control over, PalawanProperty.com Corporation offers a limitless array of property possibilities. All of the properties have been rezoned fixed of all deficiencies before offering her in this website. 

Take a look… enjoy our listings… and let us know 


When buying a land through us you are also buying peace of mind. Its good to know we have you covered from start to finish.

Purchase Guarantee

When You Purchase Through Us You Are Also Buying Peace of Mind. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will buy back the property.

Purchase Warranty

Through our Purchase Warrante we can swap your partially paid property to somethings that better suits you and your evolving situation.

With the world becoming more digital we accept payment for property entirely in crypto currency for your privacy & protection.

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